5 Reasons Millennial Moms Are Remaining Single (For Now)

We are millennials, and we are moms, and some of us choose not to get married (yet... or ever). Choosing to remain single has less to do with turning away from traditional values and more to do with choosing the freedom to build your own life. So stop apologizing for choosing the path that is best for you. Sometimes, choosing to be happy also means choosing to remain single. And in this decade, that can be a really cool choice. Here's why millennial mommies are waiting to say 'I do' ... Read entire article on www.wealthysinglemommy.com

I had the fabulous opportunity to work with Emma Johnson and feature this post on her website, www.WealthySingleMommy.com. Emma is a single mother of two and teaches fellow single moms how to "Date, Parent, and Make Money Like a Mother." Her articles have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Men's Health, WIRED, and Real Simple, just to name a few. Emma is also a senior contributor at SUCCESS Magazine, Forbes, DailyWorth, and the blog, RetailMeNot. She is amazing, fearless, and unstoppable.