10 Realities Only Moms Can Understand

It's funny because it's true. All mommies need a little inspiration from time to time. Someone to say, “…you’re doing a great job you beautiful mess, you.” And if you’re like me, some days it helps to know that you are not the only mom who struggles just to keep the house from burning down. The days are long...some nights are longer...but the laughs are plenty and are never far in between. And trust, you are never alone in your daily parenting struggles. We're all messing up regularly, right here with you. 

And if you can't make fun of your parenting mistakes and laugh at yourself from time to time, then you are taking life far too seriously. Kids are actually more resilient than they look. And they are born super flexible for a reason (I mean, watch how they sleep in the car. My neck would absolutely be broken if I laid like that for hours!) Grab an adult beverage, chill out, and enjoy the ride.

I've compiled a few daily doses of reality to help you know that you aren't alone in this. Strength in numbers ladies. If we're all doing it, then it must be right. Right?  And if you are a new mom and don't yet know the struggle (ahem…joy) of parenting, keep a drink handy and enjoy what you have to look forward to.

Remember those breathing exercises you did in preparation for labor? Turns out they come in handy post-baby as well. Breath through the temper tantrums and trust that God has a plan for these public displays of parent-shaming that your kids like to put you through.   

After a long day of work, a quick sweat sesh, and making dinner (kudos to those of you who actually cook), all you need is five minutes to unwind. Hopefully dreams of relaxation are enough to de-frazzle you, because mommies rarely get a timeout.  

You’ll learn to hide the eye rolls when your childless friends lament on how they had to get up before noon because of an ungodly, early-morning appointment. Sleeping in is nothing more than a beautiful, distant memory...but payback for your little peanut someday will be glorious.


We have grand ambitions of dressing up our little miracles in three piece suits while we mimic the fashionistas on our Pinterest boards, but the reality looks more like mismatched onesies, leggings, Uggs, and ponytails. And do you recall ever saying “...I’ll never let my kid do that" …Yea, I’m not even gonna go there.

What do we look like, Santa Claus? Yea baby, I know you want that battery-operated, turbo-charged, tot-sized Mercedes Benz. But newsflash: Mommy wants a Mercedes too. And if I can’t have one, neither can you.  

Some mommies pretend they don’t use the iPad as the occasional “babysitter.” They lie.  

Keeping a human alive and thriving is actually really, really hard. Since when is this not enough? Nowadays there are all sorts of prerequisites to be a mom. Damn you Pinterest.

There’s a reason “superhero” rhymes with “working mom.” If you disagree, drink more wine and repeat until it does...

The key to motivating your kids is to speak in an inspirational tone. Ahhh, who am I kidding. The key to everything is bribery. Kids are no different.

Sometimes going to work can feel like a vacation. Your colleagues are fully potty-trained, they make their own lunches, and they can talk to you about real-world things (like who got kicked off the Bachelor and which RHOC housewife is the craziest…definitely Vicki).


Cheers mommies! Here's to all that you do each and every day. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful, because even hot messes are still...hot. And even superheroes rule the world in spandex. What a wonderful coincidence. 

Disclaimer: My alias is not "eecard" so no, I did not write, nor do I own, these images. I'm sure they are copyrighted, so do not print, resell, distribute, etc. them in any way. If you are dying to make your own memes, check out memegenerator.net. Thanks!