The Evolving Role of 'Mom' in Pop Culture

Growing up, most of us were exposed to movies and TV shows that suggested the idea of what the "perfect" family was. Moms stayed home and tended to the house and kids, while dads went to work. Although that still remains true in many families, times are a-changin'. As we reached 2000 and the turn of the century, there was a marked increase in diversity in the household and the role of the single mom also began to rise. 

How has the role of 'mom' changed in pop culture over the years? Think of the shows you watched growing up; from Carol Brady in the 70's, Clair Huxtabel in the 80's, Peggy Bundy in the 90's, and today's "Modern Family" mom, Claire Dunphy.

In honor of Mother's Day, take a look at this mom-inspired research, which analyzed 400 of the most popular movies and TV shows over the past decades, to examine the role of mom by occupation, marital status, role, family size, and even hairstyles (apparently long hair is all the rage these days).

How TV and Movie Moms Have Changed Over the Years

This fabulous and fun guest post is brought to you by Shari's Berries who, in honor of Mother's Day, wanted to dig a little deeper to see how much TV and movie moms have changed throughout the years. Don't forget about your special someone this Mother's Day. And if your mom lives far away, that's ok... Shari's Berries delivers! 

And I'm dying to know, who was your favorite sitcom mom? Please tell me...even if it was Danny Tanner from Full House (this is a mostly judge free zone)...mostly.