The Joys of Raising Boys


Finding out that my second (and probably, final) baby was going to be a boy was a little bit of a shock. I’m not sure if it’s just because I had told myself it was going to be a girl (like I had previously done with my son), or the simple fact that my motherly instinct was, well, wrong again.

Regardless, in that instant, I felt all of the pink-coated dreams of mani/pedi spa days together and shopping for prom dresses, quickly slip between my fingers. The let-down felt a little how I would image the “Say Yes to the Dress” girls feel when they travel all the way to Kleinfeld Bridal and don’t actually say ‘yes’ to anything.

But as most things do, this fleeting moment of disappointment passed, and I soon realized how excited I was to raise baby boy number two. I mean, I’d already done it, how hard could it be this time around?

I will probably eat those words someday.

This was my the gender reveal announcement for my second son at 18 weeks; bow-tie courtesy of his big brother.

So, as I sit to write down my thoughts, I’m not sure if I’m doing this more for me (as a form of therapy), or for you, in case you are quietly singing the no-pink blues. But you should be thrilled to be a mommy to only boys, even if completely outnumbered. And here’s why:

You Are Queen

Being the only source of estrogen in the house, you get to channel your inner Beyonce (on the regular) and be the Queen B of your estate. What you say goes. Period. And there will never be a teenage heiress to challenge your authority or throne. Nor will you have to deal with unruly teenage daughters… which we all know, are teenage nightmares.

No Mean Girls

While boys are more territorial than girls, their play groups tend to be larger and less defined, meaning your little guy is less likely to come home with a broken heart because Regina George wouldn’t play nice. And this makes room sharing, toy sharing, clothes sharing, everything sharing, much, much easier (i.e. they can have sleepovers without WWIII breaking out).

Happy Spending

We all know the sad truth…that the little boys’ clothing section is like 1/8 the size of the girls’. But can you blame them? There are only so many variations of a t-shirt that one can make before they all start to look the same.

I’ve found solace by shopping on Etsy for unique, one-on-a-kind boy pieces that don’t bore me to tears.

But never mind the money that will be saved on clothes, think bigger picture. There won’t be expensive prom dresses that get worn once, or costly mani/pedis that get smudged before the day is even through, or a $26K wedding to pay for (yea, that’s the average cost of a wedding these days). You name it, and it pretty much costs less with a boy. All those lost expectations that felt so disappointing at one point, now have the chance to reappear as cost savings in your bank account.

Did someone say girls' trip to Napa?

Spa Days

Having boys means being able to send all of them (yes, even the little guy who is barely two) down into the designated man cave for hours, maybe even days, at a time. Forget the upfront cost of said man cave. By building one and stocking it with food, beverages, a gigantic TV, and an oversized couch, you are buying yourself hours, days, weeks, of relaxation and downtime… which is priceless. This will be the gift that keeps on giving, in the form of spa days and shopping trips; the boys won’t even notice you’re gone. And since Dad was so eager to have boys in the first place, he can be responsible for potty trips and keeping their hands out of their pants while you’re away.

Secret Service

Being the Queen of the house, you know you will be better protected than the Pope on his little Popemobile as he putters through the Vatican. My boys’ father is naturally very protective and it has rubbed off on our little guy already, who feels the need to make sure I am tucked in at night, that I have enough sleep each morning, and that I have a good day at work (did I mention he’s a little lover...or a sucker-upper…one of the two anyways). As your boys enter their teenage years and become men, you may actually find it difficult to sneak away for some alone time without them worrying about you. My, my, my, how the tables will turn.

With this in mind, isn’t it ironic that when people hear you are having “another” boy, they automatically tell you they’re sorry? Why do people inherently think that boys are trouble and that mommies are doomed? I, for one, am ecstatic about the opportunity to fine-tune my boy-raising skills and raise another little prince. Sure, there are reasons to lament missing out on all that little girls have to offer, but I choose to focus on the joy that little boys will bring to my life instead. If there is no use crying over spilled milk, there is certainly no use crying over XY chromosomes. And while girls may run the world, every queen needs her king, and every mommy deserves her prince.