Why I Will Never Raise My Daughter to be a Homemaker

I will never raise my daughter to be a homemaker. Now, before all the stay-at-home-moms freak out and start hurling insults my way, let me assert that I have no problem with those who choose to forgo a career in order to be at home with their kids. I think staying at home is a noble, and insanely tough job! But hear me out... 

I want my daughter to know that she will never be expected to give up her dreams, goals, and passions when/if she gets married, and when/if she chooses to have a family. I want her dreams to be bigger than her fears. And I want the world to benefit from the unique talents that she will bring to the table.

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*To date, this has been one of my favorite articles to write. I feel so strongly about the fact that we all have unique and individual talents to offer to the world. And more than anything, I want women, children, daughters, mothers, to be empowered to have the CHOICE to choose their own path in life. You are never too young or too old to create your own adventure.