The Best Protein Doughnuts on the Planet

A Doughnut is simply fried dough, usually with frosting, and sometimes filled with cream or jelly. And it is delicious! Unfortunately, doughnuts and fitness do not go hand in hand. I have yet to meet a personal trainer who puts a Krispy Kreme on a meal plan. But alas, not all is lost if you are trying to lose weight, working on your summer body, or just trying to cut down on sweets. 

ENTER: Doughbar Doughnuts. These little protein-packed, baked miracles are what fitness fanatics' dreams are made of! For one, they let you keep your doughnut hole (when tracking macros, every.last.bite.counts)!  Two, the icing and toppings are so thoughtfully prepared (seriously, every detail has been planned out). And three, the cute packaging has you wanting to snapchat pictures of your doughnuts before you eat them up. But that's not even the best part! The defining factor that makes Doughbar doughnuts so delightful [...drum roll please...] they are macro friendly, and yet, still utterly and undeniably delicious!

MACRO BREAKDOWN (for the doughnut only) 

Cal- 150 / Fat - 4g / Carbs - 16g / Fiber 2 / Sugar - 3g / Protein - 11g*

Cake Batter, Cookie Butter & Reese's PB flavors. I can't even pick a favorite! 

Cake Batter, Cookie Butter & Reese's PB flavors. I can't even pick a favorite! 

11 grams of protein... in a doughnut? I have trouble believing this is real life too. If these numbers are wrong, then I don't want to be right. What I do know is that these yummy little sweets are suitable for any day of the week; no cheat day required.

Doughbar Doughnuts is located in Silicon Valley, CA but lucky for you (and me) ships across the continental US. Limited-time flavors and value packs sell out quickly... like really quickly, so continuously stalk their social media to be in the know. They are seriously so good. 

*Nutritional facts for toppings vary by flavor, but all are macro friendly.