Nobody is Coming to Your Party With That Invitation

First impressions matter, right? We all know they do. It's why we actually iron our clothes before job interviews (ok, I have no idea how to iron, but I know people who do), and it's why we go ballistic when trying to find the perfect 'I-barely-tried-to-look-this-awesome' outfit for a first date. While judging books by their covers is not exactly how our mamas raised us, let's be honest, it's usually what happens. 

So let's talk birthday parties, gender reveal parties, baptisms, and baby showers. Do we really think our tiny tot cares if the napkins match the cake, which match the party favors, which match the invitations? Of course not. The baby only cares that his cupcake will make a glorious mess as it smashes onto the floor. All you Pinterest mommies (I call you that endearingly because I am secretly envious of your skills) know that you throw parties more for the other mommies to oooh and aaaah over, than you actually do for your child.

So why are we all slacking on the most important part? THE INVITATION? The first impression! The invitation is the very thing that actually sticks around the longest and remains stuck to fridges, tacked to bulletin boards (if those still exist), strewn about on desks and countertops... yet we continue to haphazardly throw them together at the last second as an afterthought. I mean, it's basically the equivalent of going to prom without getting your nails done; and no one does that! Better yet, no one deserves that; not even your indifferent one-year-old. 

Enter Paperless Post to your first impression rescue. Now, before you get your undies in a bundle and start sighing and thinking, yea yea yea there are hundreds of invitation providers out there, hear me out. While other paper and online services are trading in uniqueness and quality for cost, Paperless Post has remained true to its roots and provides glamorous, sophisticated, and beautiful designs from today's top names, like Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade New York, and popular brands, like Paddington Bear and Crane & Co. And because I'm a total tech nerd, Paperless Post even gives a shout out to the technology and platforms that enable the company to run optimally. If the technology reads like French to you, just know that they are working to remain on the cutting edge and are continually thinking about how the end user (you) interacts with their platform so that you can have the best experience possible. How's that for e-customer service?

With fun themes like Sip & See and Back to School party invites, there are hundreds of designs to choose from to ensure that you will not end up sending out the same cookie-cutter invitation as your four best mommy friends (how embarrassing).

Is everything just baby and kid related? Ugh, as if. Cocktail party invites, happy hour get togethers, summer pool parties... uh, hello, BRUNCH invites... they've got 'em all. And if you wanna be super fetch (thanks Gretchen), check out the Designer collections. Paperless Post has partnered with some of the world's top fashion houses, lifestyle brands and independent stationers to bring you uniquely styled designs for any occasion. This way, even if your party is less than stellar, at least you looked good trying. And sometimes, that's all that matters anyways. 

Don't be caught sending a boring clip art style invitation that screams, please don't come to my party. Instead, make an impression where it matters: FIRST.