Resistance 'Bandz a Make Her Dance'

If you aren't familiar with hip-hop music, the title of this post probably fell flat... and for that I apologize. But regardless, resistance bands are an absolute game changer for your at-home, on-the-road, and gym workout routines.  

Resistance bands do exactly as their name implies; they use resistance to work your muscles. The different band colors generally denote the level of resistance. It is common for lighter color bands (like yellow) to be lighter resistance, and darker colored bands (like black) to be heavier resistance. Having a variety of resistance bands is best so that you are able to perform a variety of workouts, from upper body to lower body. Not only are these bands small enough to pack away in tight corners of your home, but you can pack these bad boys in your car on your next road trip, or put them in your suitcase for your next getaway. No more excuses!

ZojiFit is a premium fitness gear and apparel company, known for its workout gear and attire. ZojiBands are respected as one of the strongest, most durable bands in the industry. Being the fitness enthusiast that I am, ZojiFit was kind enough to send over some resistance bands for me to try out. I use bands almost daily in my fitness routines, and I'm telling you, if you aren't using bands yet, you need to be!

This full resistance band set from ZojiFit is super affordable and has everything you need to get in a great resistance band workout: five resistance bands of varying intensities, two attachable handles, one doorstop knob, and one ankle cuff. All bands have carabiners (easy to open clasps) to attach handles and other accessory pieces. 


Check out this short video for some resistance exercise ideas and then try out the workout below:

For a full-body, at-home workout that only requires resistance bands and your own body weight, try this out: 

Front Raises x 12 SUPERSET with Lateral Raises X 12

Bicep Curls X 12 SUPERSET with Hammer Curls X 12 

Burpees X 20

Pull-ups (assisted with band if needed) or substitute for Push-ups X 10

Suicide Runs 30 seconds or substitute for Jack Squats 30 seconds

Glute Kickbacks X 15 (each leg)

Tricep Pulldowns X 15 (each arm)

Jump Rope 60 seconds or substitute Walking Lunges 60 seconds

Plank 30-60 seconds

REPEAT 3 TIMES (rest for 2 minutes between sets)


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