This Baby Bottle Just Changed the Game

You. Guys. Fuelbaby wasn't playing around...

...when they made the Fuelshaker on-the-go baby bottle. Think: what blender bottles did for protein drinks is what this bottle does for baby drinks. I have two boys who were both exclusively formula fed, and while it seems easy to enough to mix some powder and water, there are so many nuances that make it an absolute pain in the butt at times. 

Standard Formula-Fed Baby Bottle Annoyances

Premixing is probably the biggest annoyance there is. Baby is hungry, and you're about to leave the house, so you mix up a quick bottle before you get in the car. You arrive to your destination and 'lo and behold, baby is sound asleep (you NEVER wake a sleeping baby) so there your formula mixture sits... with an out-of-refrigerator shelf life of less than 60 minutes. If baby doesn't wake up to drink it soon, the entire thing goes to waste. No big deal, right? WRONG. Baby formula is ridiculously expensive! Formula mommies know it is the equivalent of powdered gold, so wasting entire bottles is enough to bring a little tear to our eyes.

But what about formula containers? I'm so glad you asked. I have one with 3 separated compartments. I usually put enough for a 5 oz. bottle in each compartment, or wait, did I do enough for 7 oz. this time? Why is one compartment only half full? What the heck was I thinking when I measured it out this morning?! Ok so truthfully, I have no idea how much formula:water ratio I am mixing together. I'm running on zero sleep and living on a prayer at this point people, so bear with me. Unless you have a clearly marked container, this is likely going to be an issue. 

And while we're on the subject of formula containers, let's talk about only having two hands and less than 5 seconds to mix up a bottle before your baby screams bloody murder. Containers are great when you remember how much formula you put in each compartment (which is rare for me), and they are great for when you have a table, or somewhere to set your bottle filled with water, so that you can dump your formula into said-bottle (which takes two hands). If you have nowhere to set the bottle, you can place it between your knees and hold it that way... The last time I did this I spilled the entire thing... in church. It was not awesome. Meanwhile, angry baby is screaming as though I haven't fed him in days, when in fact, it was just 2 hours ago.

So none of this is actually hard to do (except the holding the bottle between your legs and not spilling part), it's just annoying. And I've always thought, THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY. There has to be a faster way. 

Enter: Fuelshaker 8oz. baby bottle by Fuelbaby 

I was super excited about getting this bottle to try out (it reminds me of my protein shaker), and it has lived up to my every expectation. I am an on-the-go type of mom. The boys and I hardly ever sit still, and this bottle is perfect for our busy life. You prep at home and can easily feed on the go... when you're ready to feed. No more wasted formula! Halle-freakin'-lujah.  

Measuring our formula is rarely convenient, so this takes that annoyance out of the equation. Measure your formula at home and fill the bottom of the bottle. Put the agitator (blender ball) in place and then fill the top with the appropriate amount of water. Snap on nipple and lid, and voila, that's it! This bottle can be mixed and prepared in a matter of seconds, allowing you to quickly grab it when your baby is ready to eat before the war cries begin.  

But does it work as good as it claims? I was a little skeptical, only because I was so excited about it and I didn't want to be let down. But again, no disappointment here. It worked exactly as promised. And my infant son, who has been exclusively fed out of Como Tomo bottles up until this point, easily latched on and drank all 7 oz. in a matter of minutes. Yes, it works as good as it says! 

A few additional points that make it even sweeter: 

  • Anticolic air vents on nipple (comparable to higher end bottles)
  • The bottle is not at all bulky, but has an easy-to-grip shape (even for little hands)
  • Leak free
  • Easily comes apart for cleaning (dishwasher safe!)
  • BPA free

Bottles are sold as entire sets or as separate pieces. Maybe you need two "fuelers" (formula containers) and only one bottle? No problem. Need an extra nipple? You can buy that separately too. 

This bottle is a game changer for busy moms and dads! It is well designed, convenient, and makes your day just a little bit less chaotic; one less thing to worry about it always a good thing.