Finally Some Peace and (CozyPhone) Quiet

What’s a mom got to do to get some peace and quiet? Perhaps not as much as one would think…

As much as I love to spend my days listening to Power Rangers battle it out against evil Rita Repulsa, and hear about Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s latest adventures… sometimes silence really is golden. If you literally can’t handle one more sing along from Bubble Guppies, or can name all six Paw Patrol pups in order, help is on the way.


My six-year-old loves to watch shows on the iPad, both at home and on the road, but the caveat is that I don’t like listening to his shows ALL OF THE TIME (no offense Dora). And when we’re out in public, the theme songs can just be too much. The problem is finding headphones that don’t hurt his ears (I mean, ear buds even hurt my ears after a while), and over-the-ear headphones are usually too clunky for him. And just for the record, in case my six-year-old is reading this, there is a 0% chance you are getting those $300 Dr. Dre headphones you’ve been asking for. Keep dreamin’ buddy.

Enter CozyPhones, kid (and adult) friendly headphones, to the rescue. With soft, fleece headbands and removable/adjustable ear speakers, these are exactly what I was searching for to give my son the hands-free audio he wanted and the peace and quiet I needed.

These cute headphones can be worn comfortably for hours during long car trips or are perfect to take on everyday shopping trips to keep your child occupied so you can get in and out as fast as possible (think: grocery store shopping without your child pulling every item off the shelf as you pass by). The adjustable headphone speakers easily fit most children’s heads, and they are quick and easy to remove for headband washing. The included headphones can be used with almost any device too (iPad, iPod, MP4, Droid, Nokia, Blackberry, you name it…).

Bottom line: they are simple, affordable, fun, and they work! Plus, the cute character designs make your kids look adorable while wearing them.