Can You Really Make Money with Rodan + Fields?


I wrote an article about six months ago that walked a person through my thought process as I pondered, and ultimately decided, to join an MLM. If you haven't read it, you should totally check it out here: Stop & Read: The Scam that is Rodan + Fields. The popularity of this article is largely due to the fact that there are hundreds, dare I say thousands, of people that obviously share the same sentiments about network marketing that I did. We have the same questions, the same doubts, the same hopes, and the same fears. Of those questions, the most common ones that I continue to hear from people are: Is this business legit? and Can I really make money?

Being half a year into this business (I can't believe it's already been that long), I thought now was as good a time as any to shed some light on these topics, with brutal honesty, and without all the marketing fluff that we're so used to hearing. 

First things first, let me reiterate that network marketing is not easy money, nor is it fast money, nor is it a get-rich-quick scheme. If that's what you were hoping this article would say, just stop reading now. There is no magic bullet, and there never will be. N-E-V-E-R. When I get emails from people asking me if Rodan + Fields is really as good as it seems (in regards to the business model), I always respond with "...yes, if you're willing to put in the work." And I think this scares some people away. I think that most people know in their gut that these home-based businesses take discipline, and perseverance, and resiliency, yet they want to hear something different. They want to hear the sunny-side, the marketing spin, the grass is definitely greener-side... you won't get that from me. 

So, you're saying the grass isn't greener?

No, not necessarily. I'm saying the grass is greener where you water it. Again, let's trace this back to hard work. I LOVE Rodan + Fields products and I LOVE the business. It is generous and offers amazing income potential. The company has incredible leaders, with sound business practices, and a great moral compass that guides them. I will tell you all of this with great enthusiasm because I truly believe it can, and does, changes lives! And then I will tell you that this business is exactly what you make it to be. Sigh... there's that hard work inference again. 

Ok, so it takes work, but what does work hard even mean? 

Quantifying 'working your business' is difficult because it looks different for each person. Maintaining a steady stream of customers means doing small, daily (or at least very regular) actions that let those around you know you are in business. If you were an actual storefront and wanted new customers, your store sign better be flipped to OPEN almost every day. If not, customers will pass you right on by in search of those who are open. Customers want you to be ready when they are ready, not the other way around. Why? Because people are inherently selfish. I know I am! This means you must be constantly working on your business. 

...letting customers know that you’re IN business and that you’re OPEN for business.

Ok, so two steps: letting customers know you're IN business and that you're OPEN for business. Sounds easy right? In theory yes, but remember who you're competing with every day for your customer's time, attention, and money. Consumers see up to 5,000 messages a day, so making your voice heard is no easy feat. You have to figure out how to break through the clutter. That being said, do not confuse effective work with busy work. Taking 3 hours every night to write out the perfect reach-out message to one person is not an effective use of time, nor will you get anywhere fast (even if that message took a lot of really hard work to craft). Sorry. And being "open" everyday but never doing anything to draw attention to your business or to draw in new customers does not count as hard work either. 

So the only people who can make money are the ones...

...who have big networks of people, or are the ones who stay at home and have hours to spend working on their business every day. False and false. The successful people are the ones who figure out what their strengths are, capitalize on them, and use them to share Rodan + Fields with those around them. In four words, play to your strengths. Do this in all of life and you will be wildly successful. Period. And contrary to popular belief, the most successful people in network marketing are those who have time management skills down pat. Oftentimes, these are the busiest people, not the ones with the most free time. 

Answer my question! Is this business legit? 


Yes, on all levels, this business is legit. The foundation of this business is built on solid business practices without a pyramid scheme in sight. Network marketing is not illegal, at all (though similar types of companies from decades past have definitely muddied the waters). The products are tried and true and tested and reviewed and shared and loved! I loved the products long before I ever joined the business. The products and their results are what made me a believer - and eventually a consultant myself. Does it seem like Rodan + Fields consultants constantly talk about the products and the biz like it's too good to be true? Are they trying to cover something up? Always the skeptic, this is what I initially thought too, and I was wrong. It's called passion. When people are passionate about something it comes through in their voices and in their actions, and naturally, they talk about it.

Are there hidden inventories? Party requirements? Fees? Quotas? Etc. Thankfully no. I was terrified of this when I joined too. And I spent the better part of the first two months waiting for the other shoe to drop. It never dropped. We've all heard stories about certain companies who force you to spend nearly as much as you bring in, thereby causing you to break even (or more commonly, lose money), but that just isn't the case here. The commission you make off of selling products is yours - no strings attached. You earned it. Are there thresholds in which you can bump up your commission to a higher percentage? Sure. Are there added requirements that come with that? Yes there are. Nothing crazy, but with added reward usually comes higher expectation, so keep that in mind.

So it's all roses? Nope, I never said that. It's hard work. And with hard work comes reward. And with reward, one can certainly stop to smell the roses. 

Saving the best question for last... 

Can you really make money with Rodan + Fields? 

I'm assuming you want insight beyond being able to see the income disclosure statement? And my answer to that is of course you can! How much? That's up to you. Please don't sigh because you already knew I was going to say that. Your paycheck is dependent upon the work you do. YOU are your own boss. Don't feel like working? That's fine, but no one is paying you to watch Netflix and eat Pringles. Here is what I will say about it though: the money you make is very real... meaning, it's not just $30 here and $75 there. It's $350 here, $1200 there. It's REAL money. Enough money that it makes an impact. Enough money that you can really feel a difference in your life. And this is VERY achievable in the first few months. I know because I was there. Guaranteed? Of course not. But achievable? Absolutely. 

[Added insight from my own experience & perspective]

I have an awesome full-time job working as a Marketing Operations Systems Architect (if that means nothing to you, that's ok, because it doesn't matter). The point is, I work full time. I am also currently training to compete in my first fitness competition this fall, which eats up a LOT of my time. I am a mother to two; a 9 month old and a 6 year old (they just so happen to be my WHY I do what I do). I also love to write on my blog (wink wink). And yes, I still run a successful-by-my-standards Rodan + Fields business. I have been more than pleasantly surprised by each paycheck that comes through, downright shocked sometimes. Again, it is very real money that comes each month. Enough to pay entire bills, not just portions. And this is just the beginning for me. I am still new and getting my feet wet in this business. I still have a VERY small team of amazing, hard-working individuals who amaze me daily with their work ethic. You do not have to have an army to make money with Rodan + Fields. 

I think this is so important for people to hear and know, so I'll repeat: you do NOT have to have a large network of business partners in order to make money with Rodan + Fields, or even a small one for that matter. If your goal is to make $500 a month (or even $1000), you can do that without ever having a single business partner. This business is legit for those who love the products and just want to help provide these products to others and never want to utter the words "business partner" or "opportunity." This business is yours to run as you please and is exactly what you make it. 

Now I realize that naysayers will counter: of course you would talk-up a business you are a part of, why wouldn't you? And for that I would say, you're 100% right. But the one caveat is this: if I disliked this business, or found it to be a waste of my time, money, energy, etc., I would be 1000X more likely to stop selling than I would be to write a BS blog post about how great it is. Life is too short to spend time beating around the bush and putting my name behind something I don't believe in. 

Hopefully this helps shed some light on those burning questions you have about this company. If you want to dig in deeper, let's talk! There are never any strings attached. My job is not to convince you of anything - it's merely to help provide you with the information you need so that you can make the best decision for you. This is your life, your business, and your choice. Let me know how I can help!

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