6 Things You Should Never Ask an Unwed Mom-To-Be

Love, Marriage, Baby. It’s a beautiful trio, but the order in which each item appears is not always so clear. Whenever there is a pregnancy and the couple isn’t married, there are a hundred burning questions that people want to ask, but feel like they shouldn’t. So most of the time, people either make up stories or assume things that may (or may not) be true. As an unmarried mother myself, and one who scours the internet, reads gazillions of blog posts, and enjoys witnessing mommy forum feuds over (mostly) trivial issues, I can see a clear consensus among expectant mothers of the questions they wish you would not ask.

I know, I know, it’s so tempting. But unless the mother-to-be is your best friend, sister, or daughter, try to steer clear, at least until the hormones settle down anyway.

Herein lie six cringe-worthy questions. Continue reading here

This article was originally published on Scary Mommy on May 26, 2016.