Bad Product Reviews - What Gives? (Rodan + Fields)


What is the very first thing you do when you contemplate purchasing a new product? Obviously you get on Amazon and see if it’s Amazon Prime eligible, right? Hallelujah for free shipping and delivery right to your doorstep!* Haha, oh wait… maybe that’s just me. But there is something Amazon absolutely nails that is vitally important to how business is conducted today; they have reviews! Tens, hundreds, thousands of reviews! And on virtually every type of product imaginable. Curious to know if those glow-in-the-dark mixing bowls really make tastier cookies? There’s a review for that…

We live in an ever-digital world where we are connected to dang-near everyone by just a few clicks of the mouse. We may not know or like everyone, but we sure seem to care what others have to say, especially in regards to products. And marketing messages from big companies are seriously so yesterday. We want to hear what real people are saying! Real people like you and me, fellow moms, co-workers, and everyday online shoppers. Reviews matter. And what reviewers have to say matters too!

So let’s talk bad reviews. Have you ever loved a certain product and went online to read the reviews about it and you’re like, say whaaaaat? I had a baby bouncer a few years back that was my absolute fav, but the reviews were horrendous. It doesn’t work like it claims, my baby hates it, it doesn’t bounce, it’s too stiff, there’s not enough bells and whistles, etc. etc. etc. I was shocked. My baby loved it, I loved the sleek lines (ahem, no bells and whistles), and I loved that it was stiff so that bouncing was minimal. Interesting, right? Two very different viewpoints for one product. Was either of us wrong? No. Because it’s all a matter of perception.

Ok, so now let’s talk skincare. Skincare is something that is a very personal, and oftentimes very touchy, subject. Skincare is also NOT a one-size-fits-all product. As a Rodan + Fields Consultant I preach about how amazing these products are. Why? Because I KNOW they are. I know the results that I get, that my customers get, that thousands of men, and women are all getting from these products. So when I read a bad review about them, I usually walk away with way more questions than answers. I so desperately want to ask the reviewer: How long did you use the products? What did your consultant recommend? What problems were you trying to correct? Did you allow your skin time to acclimate? Did you follow proper use instructions? Did your Consultant check-in after the sale? 

If Rodan + Fields products are truly so great, why then, the bad reviews? And as a Consultant, why in the world am I pointing this out? Simple. I had a potential customer who was super interested, but upon digging in to product reviews, let me know that she decided not to purchase based on the less-than-savory comments she had found (on Amazon, nonetheless - which, for the record, is NOT where you should be buying your R+F products). I was heart-broken because I know she would have really loved and benefited from Rodan + Fields. But I can’t say I blame her! I am a review-reading psychopath when I’m researching products, so I totally understand.

I decided to dig into some of these reviews myself to see if I could identify the root causes and recurring pain points, in an effort to debunk them, and when possible, to provide answers as to how these products can truly be so amazing, despite some negative press. 

Product Misuse


All skin is not created equal. Oily, dry, combo, light, dark, damaged, sensitive… the list goes on and on. Your Rodan + Fields Consultant should be able to advise you on which products work best for your skin type, on how to properly use them, and on any necessary precautions that should be taken before and during use. It’s their job, so they should be checking in with you, but if they aren’t, don’t feel bad for speaking up and voicing your concerns!

One Amazon review I read stated “…my skin burned from the toner…” Your skin should never burn from using toner; there is an obvious overuse problem here. (PING – incoming bad review). But the larger problem is this; most people do not intuitively know how to use an advanced skincare line like Rodan + Fields, so it is the job of the Consultant to educate the customers. When you decide to purchase from a direct sales company, the person you purchase from is responsible for more than just the sale; they are your main point of contact, and hopefully your biggest resource. Never feel bad for asking questions if you feel as though something isn't quite right! 

Knowledge transfer can be the make or break factor between someone loving the products or someone hating the products. Just keep it simple. Hi Noelle, when you receive your skincare regimen make sure to read the pamphlet that comes inside; it will tell you exactly how to add this product into your existing routine so that your skin can properly acclimate. It’s usually best to spot-test the new products on a small patch of skin to ensure you aren’t allergic before using over your entire face. Oh, and toners can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with them; use sparingly. Let me know if you have questions!

In many bad reviews, a little consultant intervention would have went a long way in helping to diagnose and correct problems long before the customer used Amazon as a sounding board for their skin woes. The products are amazing, and they work exactly as prescribed, but skincare is not always so cut and dry. Sometimes there is a degree of trial and error and product mix-and-match that needs to happen before you discover that sweet spot. Allow your Consultant to help you with that!

Pure Impatience

Think of all the elements we put our skin through on a daily basis. And all the times we fall asleep before washing our face... And then we get all bent out of shape when our skin freaks out on us. We know what we’re doing isn’t good for our skin, so we decide to buy Rodan + Fields products to help undo years of damage. And then, after three entire days of face washing, we are totally beleaguered and thoroughly annoyed that our skin doesn’t look like a shiny new porcelain doll. Sigh, what a waste of money, right? Totally writing a bad review about this…

Wrong! Products take time to work. Patience really is a virtue, and for acne strugglers, waiting for products to reduce flare-ups is like waiting for paint dry. Years of damage to your skin cannot simply be undone in a day, a week, or even a month. Think of this like going to the gym (I know, I know, fitness examples run rampant in my writing, but they work so well). When you jump into a weight loss journey, you have to be committed to making some big changes for weeks, months even. Why? Because you can’t go the gym once and expect your love handles to magically disappear and your abs to pop out. It isn’t going to happen quickly. But small, daily changes, persistence, and consistency WILL lead to results. The same goes for using skincare products. Give your skin and body time to adjust to new products and time to allow them to work. Patience. Patience. Patience. Your Consultant can give you an idea of what to expect so that you're properly prepared for the journey ahead.

Oh, and if you’ve heard of skin ‘purging’ – that gross period where your skin essentially pushes all the gunk to the surface to expel – it’s a real thing. Skincare products are intended to do exactly that. The bad has to come out so that the magic can happen underneath. Again, be patient and don't immediately assume they aren't working. Good things come to those who wait.  

Improper Expectations

A few reviews (specifically for Lash Boost this time) stated that after using the products for a couple weeks there was no change in lash length and fullness. A little well-known fact to Consultants (and hopefully to customers as well), is that the product clearly states that full results are usually achieved at 8 weeks. Thus, it’s no surprise that after a few weeks of use, eyelashes aren’t glazing the lenses of your sunglasses... YET. Set proper expectations first, followed up by a healthy dose of patience.

Acne is a brutal one. Acne takes time… sometimes months, before the bad clears up to make way for the good. And when you’re dying for clear skin, months can seem like an eternity, but again, your Consultant should help to set proper expectations from the get-go. And sometimes, it won’t take a month. Results may start to shine through in just a few weeks! And let's just go ahead and set the record straight while we're at it. Acne is not curable! No products on the market can 'cure' acne. But it is treatable! And Rodan + Fields does have amazing products for treating (and hopefully preventing) future break-outs. But results may take 2-3 months.  If you are a Consultant, paint realistic pictures for your customers, not just rosy colored ones. And if you’re a customer, be realistic (but optimistic) when setting timelines and expectations on how quickly you can and should make a decision about a product before writing a bad review.  

Allergies (sneeze, sneeze)

I feel like this should go without saying, but someone who has known allergies should, without a doubt, be given an ingredient list to look over in advance of any purchases. A particular review I read comes to mind. The reviewer was angry about an apparent allergic reaction to a product and was appalled that no one told her about the ingredients (PING – here comes another bad review). While pointing fingers in this blame game does no one any good, as a Consultant, be sure you are actively listening to your customers and providing all necessary information upfront. And as a customer, YOU know YOU better than anyone else. Allergic to gluten? Bring it up!

And keep in mind that just because someone has an allergy to a product, while that may warrant a one star review from that person, that does not speak to the effectiveness of the products and how they will work for YOU. It simply means they did not work for THEM. Curious about how a certain product could be a game changer FOR YOU? Just ask!

Wrong Product Line

A LOT of reviews center around what seems to be an apparent wrong product line selection by either the Consultant or the consumer. If you have sensitive skin and are using an aggressive skincare line, of course you are likely to experience irritation (and PING, another bad review pops up on Amazon). If you are actively working with your Consultant to determine which line is right for you, you needn’t worry. Again, ask questions! Dig into the brochures that are available online. Visit the website. Ask, ask, ask. When someone uses a product line that wasn’t intended for their skin type, of course a bad review is inevitable – because the product didn’t work as intended for that person.

As a Consultant, listening is your number one ally here. Listen to your customers first and then lead them in the right direction because finding the right products really can lead to life-changing results. 

Not for Everybody

And here’s the cold hard facts… while I think Rodan + Fields is the most incredible skincare line on the planet, I am not naive enough to believe that everyone is going to love it (not even Apple has been able to achieve a pure monopoly… they've come close though). Some people just aren’t going to like the products for one reason or another, and that’s ok! They are absolutely entitled to write a product review and to openly express their opinions.

As Consultants, we can do a lot to detract customers from writing bad reviews by delivering superior products and amazing service upfront. We know these products are totally bad-a$$, but we need our peers, our network, and our potential customers to know that too! We need them to be our cheerleaders, our brand advocates, our third-party voice! And the only way they are going to do that is if they get the service and results they were hoping for, and deserve.

A few bad reviews are inevitable. All products have them. But seeing ones that are flat out preventable is so frustrating (especially when it turns customers away). There is nothing to hide about Rodan + Fields products – there are no smoke screens or magic mirrors. All of the information needed to make an educated decision about these amazing products is out there, it's just a matter of finding what your customers need! 

If you’re a potential customer who is on the fence, but a bad review (or two) has you second guessing yourself, please just reach out with your questions. Everyone has different needs, concerns, and desired outcomes, so one conversation centered around YOU could be the missing piece of the puzzle. You have far more to lose by not asking than you do by simply raising your hand.


*And, in case you hadn't heard, just like Amazon Prime, Rodan + Fields Preferred Customers receive free shipping and have the privilege of products being shipped directly to their doorsteps. Ahhh isn't never leaving home great?

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