Booty Building 101

Working on your summer body is tough. Working on building a booty is arguably even tougher. Larger compound movements, like deadlifts and squats, are essential, as are smaller, more targeted movements, like cable kickbacks, banded side-steps, hip thrusts, and curtsy lunges. So where should a booty building newbie even start? Here is my best advice for building a booty the good ol' fashioned way: 

  • Do your homework! (Nobody said the first step would be glamorous.) Learn about the muscles that make up the gluteus so that when you do various exercises you know which muscles you are targeting. Doing as many movements as possible, as fast as possible, with as much weight as possible, is by far NOT the best way to achieve great results. Slow, targeted movements, that involve squeezing the right muscle at the right times, will lead to much better, firmer, and more rounder results (insert heart eyes emoji).
  • If you are new the gym, opt for a personal trainer to show you the ropes. A good trainer will ask about your goals and will cater a workout program to fit your needs. All personal trainers are not created equal, however. Read these articles first: Things to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer and Recommendations When Selecting a Personal Trainer
  • Social media is an excellent source of content and information... if you can filter the facts from the fluff. Follow TRUSTED accounts to  get daily doses of ideas and inspiration.
  • Get a resistance band (like the SlingShot band) and start incorporating regular band work into your glute routine. Not only are these bands inexpensive and versatile, they are effective! This band is wide enough to easily sit at your ankles or above your knees, and it is tough! It provides serious resistance and resists stretching out over time much better than the bands you will find in most stores. 
  • Muscles take time to grow, so be patient! You won't be able to build a booty in a day, or even in a month for that matter. But being persistent and dedicated to your workouts will pay off over time.

Below is a workout to get you started. Cheers!

Hamstring/Glute Workout

If you are just starting out, don't feel obligated to make it through the entire workout; get as far as you can while still maintaining proper form. 


Walking lunges: x15 each leg (add dumbbells as necessary) - 3 sets


Air Squats: x10 - SUPERSET - Jump Squats: x10 - SUPERSET - Curtsy lunge: x15 (each leg) - 3 sets

*Take 30 second breaks in between each giant set. (See VIDEO below)

Reverse Hack Squats: x12 - 3 sets (find the 'regular' hack squat machine and stand facing towards it rather than away, keep your weight in your heels)

Leg Press: 12 with feet angled to the left, 12 in the middle, 12 with feet angled to the right - 3 sets

Lying Down Hamstring Curls: x15 - 4 sets (pause at the top of the movement and squeeze your butt) - SUPERSET - Side-step squat walks with a Slingshot band: x10 each way

Hip Thrusts: x15 - 4 sets (use a barbell with appropriate weight, slow and controlled movements, squeezing at the top OR use a resistance band and do this movement at home) See video below, courtesy of @realheidipowell, who has an excellent Instagram account to follow for fitness advice!

Get inspired! Be active. Be healthy. Be fit. And work those buns.