Comfy Sheets & Let Me Sleep

This post sponsored by California Design Den. 

As a single mom, I take my sleep very, very seriously. Between school, work, daycare, football practices, homework, gym... Instagramming... I have 6-8 precious hours to myself to enjoy some much needed relaxation time alone. And since my bed is my favorite relaxation spot, I take my sheets very seriously as well. 

Single mommies know there are 3 important things to look for in sheets:

1) Comfort—for us and for our little ones with their ultra sensitive skin (scratchy/dry sheets need not apply)

2) Affordability—something top of mind for nearly every single income household

3) Deliverability—this is two-fold: the sheets must deliver on quality AND can they literally be delivered right to our door? (sheet shopping with kiddos is rarely a joyful experience).

California Design Den checked each box so I decided to give them a try (hooray for Amazon two-day shipping so I could skip sheet laundry for the week).

When they arrived, I was delighted to discover that the fitted sheet actually fit my king size mattress without me having to stretch it so hard that I broke a nail (which has happened before), the light creamy beige color I had picked out perfectly matched my bedding set (score), and the sheets even stood up to the softness test for my eczema-prone toddler's sensitive skin. #Winning.

These sheets are 600 thread count, eco-friendly, and the pillow cases fit even the fluffiest of pillows, all for under $70. They come in a beautiful array of solid neutrals and a variety of thread counts to best suit your comfort level and price point. And again, 2 day shipping right to your door—you can't beat that. Check out the full line-up here on their Amazon store-front.

Sheets pictured here in 600-thread count, Ivory.

Sheets pictured here in 600-thread count, Ivory.

100% cotton sateen sheets for catching those comfortable zzzzzz's.

100% cotton sateen sheets for catching those comfortable zzzzzz's.