Beautiful Maternity Photos in the Arizona Desert

I was completely unsure about whether or not to do maternity photos for this pregnancy (after all, I didn't with my first pregnancy and never really regretted it). But I changed my mind somewhere around week 20 and decided to go for it - thank goodness because I love how these turned out! I have been so much more comfortable with my growing belly this time around, part of which I attribute to proper fitness & nutrition, and part of which I attribute to being a little bit older and more confident in general. God bless being in your 30's, if for no other reason.  

The other determining factor in deciding to do maternity photos: I just so happen to have best friends who double as Arizona's greatest photography duo. Let me know if you would like their contact info and I'd be happy to refer you and make introductions!

All pictures: Kirk Morales Photography

A couple quick tips for maternity photos if you decide to do them: 

  • Everyone says to wear something form-fitting to show off your bump. I say wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. The flowy dresses I chose for my shoot suited the desert landscape much better than something tighter and were way more comfortable. Besides, strategic hand placement is all you need to show off your baby bump, regardless of what you wear. 
  •  Go with the flow. It never rains in Arizona, so when the forecast showed storms for the big day, we decided to just go for it and hoped for a beautiful sunset regardless... and we got it... times ten. Stormy skies can make for a beautiful backdrop.  
  • Relax. We did my hair before the photos but as soon as the storm rolled in and the wind picked up, there was no getting my hair out of my face. But keep in mind that candid photos oftentimes turn out better than overly posed/perfect photos. Let your hair down! Don't sweat the small stuff. For maternity photos, the focus is on your profile and growing baby bump anyways.  

And for the record, my son was supposed to appear in a picture or two, but the hot temperatures and lake were just too enticing for him to pass up. Less than 5 minutes into the photoshoot and he had stripped down to go for a dip. So much for that idea... 

(You can click on the pictures to see them in slideshow mode)

And then there's this guy... avoiding pictures at all costs... he's lucky I love him.