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At Home DIY Newborn Photos

As a new mom, time is always of the essence. And if the thought of planning and going to a couple-hour photography studio session to do newborn pics just isn’t fitting into your schedule (or budget), fear not. You can do your own pics at home, either with a photographer or totally on your own (depending on how handy you are with a camera), and still end up with beautiful mementos of your squishy little babe.  

The Joys of Raising Boys

Finding out that my second baby was going to be a boy was a little bit of a shock. I’m not sure if it’s just because I had told myself it was going to be a girl (like I had previously done with my son), or the simple fact that my motherly instinct was, well, wrong again. Regardless, in that instant, I felt all of the pink-coated dreams quickly slip between my fingers.