Tips for Surviving Parent-Teacher Conferences

Four times a year, elementary school teachers nationwide invite doting parents to their classrooms for little afternoon sessions they like to call “Parent Teacher Conferences” (PTCs). Now, I realize most parents probably look forward to these chats; after all, what mother doesn’t like to hear how amazing her child is? But what about the parents with the children who are less than… perfect? How do they feel about PTCs?

7 Things Moms Wish Their Non-Mom Friends Knew

When you have kids and your friends are still waiting to cash in their freedom cards, it can lead to some miscommunications about the simple things in life, and sometimes, the not so simple things. Like, is she even my friend anymore, because she always says she’s tired when we have plans? Its hard to find relatable subjects when all you can talk about is whether or not your kid pooped today and your friends are only talking about who went home with who last night.