A Pre-Valentine's Day Letter to My Other Half

With Valentine’s Day upon us, rather than letting you struggle to find the “perfect gift”, I figured I would be super awesome and help you out. What I actually want this year is just to remind you how awesome we are when we are a team, and hope that we can get back to that point. You know, T-E-A-M, like a group thing… not M-E. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy. You know what they say: happy wifey, happy lifey. 

You Made a Bad Life Choice?

I stumbled upon an article the other day titled “Single mothers shouldn’t be vilified, but they shouldn’t be glorified either. They’re people who made bad life choices.” [Gasp]…ummm what? I immediately got angry…like super, defensive angry… and contemplated writing back a fiery response to the author. But I didn’t for a couple reasons...