Why You Should Stop Being Regular Mom and Be Cool Mom

“I’m not like regular moms, I’m a cool mom” said literally every mother… ever. But what really makes a mom cool? Isn’t cool a subjective word anyways? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then cool definitely falls into the same category. And kids’ minds are also easily shaped, so essentially, you can make them believe whatever you want. But being a cool mom is more than that. It means appearing cool to other moms too, not just your kids. And if you so desire this type of coolness, be prepared to do the following.

7 Things Moms Wish Their Non-Mom Friends Knew

When you have kids and your friends are still waiting to cash in their freedom cards, it can lead to some miscommunications about the simple things in life, and sometimes, the not so simple things. Like, is she even my friend anymore, because she always says she’s tired when we have plans? Its hard to find relatable subjects when all you can talk about is whether or not your kid pooped today and your friends are only talking about who went home with who last night. 

5 Guys Single Moms Should Run From

A few years back when I was a single mother fresh on the dating scene, a guy told me  “…you’d be really hot if you weren’t a mom.” To which I thought, you’d be really hot if you weren’t…not. His statement didn’t warrant a response of any kind from me, except an exaggerated eye roll. I don’t recall what the guy who said it looked like, or even his name (obviously because he wasn’t worth committing to memory), but it did get me thinking.

Where's Dad? How NOT to Answer

For all my single moms out there, if you haven’t been asked this question yet, brace yourselves. You will get asked this over and over, often at inopportune times, and it will wear on your patience on those unbearably long days where you feel like you aren’t doing anything right. “Where’s my dad?” I hate this question. Those three words make me feel like an utter failure… 

Lessons in Gratefulness From a 5 Year Old

Holidays… a time of family bonding, rest and relaxation. A time where post-dinner elastic waistbands are not only acceptable, but a way of life, and gluttony is alive and well in its purest state. Hold it! Not if you’re a mom. Crazy, chaotic, and frazzled are more like it. Forget the relentless ten hours of dinner preparation; will you even have time to eat that delicious meal?

You Made a Bad Life Choice?

I stumbled upon an article the other day titled “Single mothers shouldn’t be vilified, but they shouldn’t be glorified either. They’re people who made bad life choices.” [Gasp]…ummm what? I immediately got angry…like super, defensive angry… and contemplated writing back a fiery response to the author. But I didn’t for a couple reasons...