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Making a Highlight Reel of Your Little Superstar

Making a Highlight Reel of Your Little Superstar

Like every other millennial mommy out there, I capture nearly every moment on my phone. Whether that be via picture, video, Instagram story, Snapchat, or Boomerang...I get them all. And then they just sit there... gathering cyber dust, and getting buried beneath 100 pictures of our latest vacation, or my son's 50 picture selfie rampage. There has to be something better do with these rather than just sucking up our iPhone storage, right?!

Giving Kids "The Talk": The Best Advice I've Heard

When should kids be allowed to go on their first date? Should it be supervised? Should sex education be taught in schools? And if so, at what age? And how young is too young to expose children to these topics? Ugh, I don’t know! I’m with the vast majority of parents who hate to even think about their kids growing up and starting to date, let alone doing anything else!

Beautiful Maternity Photos in the Arizona Desert

Trying to decide whether or not to do maternity photos? I was unsure at first too but I'm so happy I decided to go for it. Are you simply looking for inspiration and some modern photo ideas? Check out this awesome Arizona desert photoshoot at sunset. The stormy skies and landscape were nothing short of perfection. 

OPINION: Mommy Shaming & Chrissy Teigen

As women, we’re supposed to be this impenetrable force that can juggle a zillion tasks at once, run a household, organize the kids, and look good while doing it. But lately it seems that the harshest group of critics out there is exactly that “impenetrable force” made up on our fellow mommies. If you like to enjoy a glass of wine on the weekdays, or take your kids to PG-13 movies, or let them stay up until midnight on the weekends, you can bet there’s somebody out there who has something to say about it.