7 Things Moms Wish Their Non-Mom Friends Knew

When you have kids and your friends are still waiting to cash in their freedom cards, it can lead to some miscommunications about the simple things in life, and sometimes, the not so simple things. Like, is she even my friend anymore, because she always says she’s tired when we have plans? Its hard to find relatable subjects when all you can talk about is whether or not your kid pooped today and your friends are only talking about who went home with who last night. 

Nobody Said Moms Have to Cook

Why does cooking have to be an inevitable task that catches up with us when we become moms? Who set the requirement that we have to cook in order to earn our “good mommy” badge? No one! It is 2015. Millennial moms have careers to manage, blogs to write, gyms to hit up, errands to run, bathes to give. If cooking didn’t fit into our lives before kids, it certainly doesn’t now.

When Words Are Not Enough

I struggled greatly with writing this post. Not just with the actual content itself, or with telling a story befitting my courageous friend and her tiny angel, but in asking for insight into a topic that, as a culture, we typically shy away from because it is so painful. I don’t think people truly understand how much is lost when a baby dies. And I know I absolutely do not. But if you ask any parent who has experienced something as horrific as the loss of a child, they will tell you that not even one day goes by that they don’t think of them.

You Made a Bad Life Choice?

I stumbled upon an article the other day titled “Single mothers shouldn’t be vilified, but they shouldn’t be glorified either. They’re people who made bad life choices.” [Gasp]…ummm what? I immediately got angry…like super, defensive angry… and contemplated writing back a fiery response to the author. But I didn’t for a couple reasons...

5 Rules For Single Moms To Live By

Describing life as a single mother can be done in four simple words: the struggle is real. You wake up everyday knowing that you are about to embark on an exhausting journey that requires at least two more hands than you have available, your patience is still running on empty from last night’s power struggle over eating vegetables, and bedtime cannot possibly come soon enough. And did I mention, once you finally collapse for the night, tired and defeated, you get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.