Lessons in Gratefulness From a 5 Year Old

Holidays… a time of family bonding, rest and relaxation. A time where post-dinner elastic waistbands are not only acceptable, but a way of life, and gluttony is alive and well in its purest state. Hold it! Not if you’re a mom. Crazy, chaotic, and frazzled are more like it. Forget the relentless ten hours of dinner preparation; will you even have time to eat that delicious meal?

Raising a Thankful Child

My aunt was a victim of domestic abuse and sought refuge in a women's shelter when she finally made the decision to leave her husband. She took her two children and they left. There was no time to pack bags or gather clothes and personal belongings. Oftentimes, women leaving bad relationships take nothing more than the clothes on their backs. November is the start of the holiday season and a popular topic is always thankfulness.