Where's Dad? How NOT to Answer

For all my single moms out there, if you haven’t been asked this question yet, brace yourselves. You will get asked this over and over, often at inopportune times, and it will wear on your patience on those unbearably long days where you feel like you aren’t doing anything right. “Where’s my dad?” I hate this question. Those three words make me feel like an utter failure… 

When to Splurge and When to Save

After becoming a mommy I was shocked (or maybe appalled is a better word), at the sheer number of things required to successfully grow a human being. Dual income household or not, it’s insane how much time, money, and space is required to raise a baby. How in the heck does a piece of blue plastic (which somehow constitutes as a tub) cost anything more than the $5 it took to make it?