Getting Fit: Quick and Useful Tips for Women

Here’s a startling fact to take in. Only 36% of children receive the daily recommended amount of physical activity. And did you know that sadness and depression have been shown to go hand-in-hand with poor posture? Is there a specific formula that is best for shedding unwanted pounds? Can women really bulk up without trying? Answers to these hot topic fitness questions, and more, all in one place.

Properly Clean Your Workout Gear

There is a lot of attention focused on what to wear to the gym, from Lulu Wunder Unders to Nike cross trainers, and an even greater focus on what to do in the gym. But what happens when the sweat session is over? Do your sweaty workout clothes end up in heap on the floor or buried in a laundry basket? Are you taking as much care of your active wear as you should be?

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

So you’ve decided to put your fitness front and center this year, or at least, you feel coerced into doing so after seeing Target stock it’s entire women’s department with swim suits. It’s only March! Can’t we get through Easter candy season first? So now comes the hard part, actually following through. For those who are new to the gym-scene, your first days, weeks…even month, can be totally overwhelming. This is where a personal trainer comes in.