Well mommy, if we don’t have money to buy me a new toy, we don’t have money to buy you wine.”
— Proud Mommy Moment

Did you know that the average cost of raising a child is estimated at over $230,000? With a price tag that steep, being a working single mother is pretty much a necessity. But did I mention the cost of child care these days? And what about my "me-time?!" Can I have a social life? Will I ever be able to date again? Why in the world is child support so hard to figure out? Do I even want to pursue it?... there are so many questions!

Being a single parent is HARD! There is no denying it. Your days will be long and your nights will be far too short. Your patience will run thin and you will nearly lose your mind hundreds of times. But, there is hope. Single moms are a unique subset who silently band together to share advice. We can spot each other a mile away, screaming kid under one arm, mismatched outfit, yesterday's ponytail barely hanging in there, and eyes that haven't seen an eight-hour night of sleep in... well, how old is my kid? Yea, that long. In deciding to share my personal experiences as a single mother, I hope that my fellow Supermoms will find glimpses of inspiration in these pages. Knowledge is most powerful when shared. 

You can read all Single Mom blog posts here, or you can check out a few specific posts below. I'm drinking wine, I hope you are too. Cheers.